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Our experience with Kazuki Bengals was fantastic.  We worked with Terence to purchase our Bengal Kawhi.  You can definitely see Terence's passion for what he does.  After only 24 hours, our new kitten was comfortable with us and is both social and also very gentle with our children.  Our kitten is very much so a lap cat who loves to play.  He came home litter box trained so we just needed to show him where his litter box and that was it.  I would definitely recommend Kazuki Bengals to anyone looking to purchase a Bengal kitten.

Sue and family
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Hi Terence,
Here is some update about the kitten (I gave hime a name Louen) now. 
He is very active and friendly to either human and dogs. I moved to a house and he has a really big place to run and play. We love him so much.
I have attached some pictures of him.

Thanks for breeding such wonderful cats.

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She settled in very well. Exploring and cuddling.

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Thank you so much for the two kittens we just adopted from you. We really appreciate all the hard work you have put into producing not only the most beautiful healthiest bengal kittens, but the friendliest ones we have ever met!! We love how they are already snuggling each other in their crate. We look forward to sending you updates on them in their new home and on their new cat wheel. Talk soon.

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Terence thank you so much for this little guy my girlfriend will be over the moon with him tonight on her birthday.
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I'm so happy that I allowed one of my kittens to go such a friendly and loving couple!! Congratulations on your new addition!!
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Just wanted to thank you guys for this little guy he's perfect for our family!!
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Hi guys
Just wanted to send along an update to tell you how pleased we are with Benny. He is an absolute doll. Handsome and smart as a whip. Thanks for this amazing addition to our fur kid family.

Denny and Ann
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Merry Christmas, Terence. This is Olena Kotenko. Our family has bought a boy cat from you in September. He is absolutely amazing. We thank you for this wonderful cat. He is very energetic, cute and smart.
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This boy.


I’ve owned many cats in my life but this little guy is the greatest. He loves to be held and carried around. Honestly he can just chill like this forever. Such a snuggle bug.
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Hi Terence and Kerry

Just a quick note to tell you Sasha is doing great. She ate played and used the litter box the first day. By Sunday morning she comes to cuddle. She's amazing. I love her. Thank you for raising a wonderful Bengal kitten.

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Hey my little Callie girl is all settled in her new home. She is so amazing, sweet little girl.  ‎Told you I would send update here are some of my favorites so far. Thanks again.  

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Hello Terence, Just sending some pics of Mango. She’s settling in and seems to be adapting to our busy household and two dogs. Thank you for such a wonderful bengal kitten.
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Onyx and her new buddy Edgar are growing more and more comfortable with each other every day! She is adjusting well in general and as long as she gets plenty of playing in the afternoon/ evening she sleeps most of the night with us and behaves while we're at work!  

Sam & Dylan 
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Thank you so much for an amazing bengal!!

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Out on our hike today!
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