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All kittens sold here at Kazuki Bengals come with a written health guarantee and a written contract. You will also get a sample of food kitten has been on, and breeder contact for life. A non-refundable deposit for either pet or show breeder kitten is required to put a hold on your kitten of choice. All kittens sold must be neutered at 6 months of age by the buyer and sign a legally binding neuter/spay agreement as well as a sales contract. Upon proof of spay/neuter, the buyer will receive TICA registration papers when available by breeder. Kittens are examined individually by a vet and receive their first set of shots at nine weeks. If the kitten is developing normally they can go to their new forever family/home at twelve weeks. Visitation is limited to serious inquiries due to the exposure of possible virus and/or bacteria.

As the breeder, Kazuki Bengals has the right to refuse sale or conduct business with anyone we feel is not suitable to own one of our Bengal kitten's/cats. We also do not allow any additional visits to see your kitten from the day you place a hold on one and deposit agreement is signed. We do offer video updates of your new developing bengal kitten. This ensures the health and safety of your kitten and all other purchasers.

Good Bengals are not inexpensive, you generally get what you pay for!!  It is true, you can find Bengal kittens priced very low, but in most cases, these will not have the bright colors and vivid markings that you see on Bengals pictured on websites and in magazines.  There is a lot of expense involved in raising quality kittens, more than most people realize.

Everyone loves to see pictures of their new kitten, but not many people realize how difficult it is to get good pictures of active kittens.  It takes a great deal of time waiting for the perfect pose and lively kittens are not keen on posing.  We take initial pictures between 3 to 4 weeks, but after 5 weeks the kittens start getting fuzzy.  So we are not able to send frequent updates.  We will send new pictures of your kitten before the kitten is ready to go home, but time prevents us from continually taking pictures of kittens as they grow.

Kitten prices vary depending on contrast, color, quality and pattern. We reserve the right to price kittens accordingly as pets, breeders, or show quality. Prices are non-negotiable.


Top Quality Pet Bengal Kittens - from $1500 - $3000
Breeder/Show Quality Bengal Kittens - from $1800 - $5000


We are currently feeding our bengals Petcurean Go Cat Grain Free, Royal Canin Mother and Baby Cat, Innova Evo canned Cat and Kitten, as well as cooked hormone free chicken n'broth. We also use top of the line imported supplements for kittens and queens when required. We find these products/food to be superior in quality to any other brands available. Depending what stage the kitten/cat is at, we use each product accordingly. Our cats/kittens only deserve the best and there are no compromises!


We keep our adult bengals and kittens free from parasites using baycox, panacur, strongid T, and Revolution. These are properly administered at the appropriate stages and times in our kittens/cats life to ensure superior health and growth. We also test randomly for parasites with our great vet and his laboratory! All of our cats are Fel/Fiv negative and Tritrichomonas negative. We take this very seriously as it is paramount in a proper breeding program!