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Kazuki Bengals Mitsu
Sire:Kanpur flash
Dam: Kanpur Golden Ticket
We are proud to introduce our very own future star Mitsu!! An exceptional clear coated queen with a tight glittered pelt, no bars, solid structure, short thick tail, wild head, and a perfect symmetrical pattern of highly contrasted large clouded leopard rosettes outlined in black, with red centres:) Her carriage is low to the ground inherited from her champion lineage. Mitsu is very dynamic and loving which will pass to her offspring. Very excited to see what she produces with our boy's!
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Kanpur Orangina of Kazuki Bengals
Sire:Kanpur Ch. Koppiekatz Kadillac
Dam: Kanpur Kanpur Gucci Premier
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Paradise Apple Too hot to trot of Kazuki Bengals
Sire: Hight art crimean gold*RU 
Dam: Paradise Apple Diva
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Too hot to trot aka "Pepper" is our new queen flown in from world renowned bengal breeder Olga Rodina of Paradise Apple Cattery in Moscow Russia. She brings some top lines and is a wonderful addition to our program. Pepper also carries for snow. Her Ben n24 pelt is so tight, highly glittered, silky soft with wonderfully contrasted black outlined tri coloured large closed rosettes flowing down her long body. She has a great profile, strong type, white goggles and puffy whisker pads. We think she will be fantastic with Safari and really look forward to some stunning future kittens! Thank you Olga Rodina for entrusting us and for allowing this special girl into our breeding program! 

Old Race Annabelle of Kazuki Bengals
Sire: C.H. Oscar old Race 
Dam: Jasmine old Race
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We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Annabelle, a new spectacular bengal leopard queen all the way from Kharkov Ukraine! She is from award winning breeder Olga Shur at Old Race Bengals. Annabelle will bring many wonderful qualities to our breeding program. We love her outstanding pattern of highly contrasted inky black outlined rosettes, copper centres, with wonderful flow sitting on a tight silky glittered ben n24 gold pelt. She has a great head, large gorgeous emerald green eyes, tons of glitter, well placed small rounded ears, straight profile, puffy whisker pads and nice white goggles! Thank you Olga for allowing this amazing girl into our breeding program.

Kanpur Gem Star
Sire: CH Koppiekatz Kadillac
Dam: Kanpur Givenchy Dream
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Kanpur Gem Star is our new stellar clouded leopard queen. She is a dream come true displaying the most beautiful and highly contrasted symmetrical pattern of jet black outlined clouded rosettes with bright copper/red centres. She has a beautiful long muscular body! She will for sure pass her many fantastic attributes to her babies. She is currently producing some stunning kittens with Safari.

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Tiki is a beautiful queen with a vibrant gold pelt and a funky pattern! She has a thick muscular frame and is dripping in gold glitter with rosettes to die for perfectly flowing down her spine and body. Tiki is producing some beautiful kittens with our boys.