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Kanpur Extreme Safari of Kazuki Bengals
Sire: Bengalivo without words aka"Matrix"
Dam: Praslin Heaven's Sent
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Introducing our amazing new stud Kanpur Extreme Safari! We are so fortunate to have this magnificent son of Kanpur Without Words aka "Matrix" enter our cattery. Safari is a big boy with an outstanding symmetrical pattern of large black outlined rosettes with deep copper centres sitting on a silky tight gold glittered pelt. He has a beautiful head with a great profile, well placed ears, thick muscular body with substantial boning and nice thick tail. His colour is magnificent and rich. Safari is a sweet, sophisticated and highly intelligent boy who listens and purrs the minute you look at him! He will bring our breeding program to another level and pass many of his wonderful attributes to his kittens.

Kanpur G-Force "Flash" of Kazuki Bengals
Sire: Ch. Koppiekatz Kadillac
Dam: Kiabindhi Coco-Chanel
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Flash is a wonderfully typed boy loaded with amazing contrast, great clarity and a light base coat saturated with glitter. He has a symmetrical pattern of thick black outlined clouded rosettes with deep vibrant rust centres flowing down his body, and chaining down his spine. He has a real nice wild head, amazingly beautiful green eyes, wide nose leather, rock solid structure, and a sweet personality.

Fashionbengals Euro
Sire: Wowbengals Best of the Best
Dam: Sunstorm Alamira
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Euro is a bright highly glittered/contrasted boy with great type and hot outlined rosettes. His pelt is very silky with short fur. Euro temperament is exceptional that passes to all of his offspring.